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There’s always more to the world around me than meets the eye. 

It has been suggested that the images we create, like our dreams, find their origin in the unconscious. Sometimes, I wish my unconscious would take a course in visual design so that I could understand its creations more easily. 

Our desire and search for meaning manifests itself in our propensity to find order and pattern even in chaos. It propels us to never settle for the surface of things but to look deeper.

My interest in photography began as a teenager when my brother gave me an Agfa folding box camera. I enjoyed being able to respond actively to the world around me. Soon I was hooked by the problem solving involved in making images and especially by the fact that the process involved both rational and emotional dimensions.

Living near Vancouver, in Canada’s British Columbia, and attracted by interpretive and abstract image-making more than representative photography, I strive to look for deeper meaning and for the relations between colour and the other elements of design.

I am grateful to Freeman Patterson,  André Gallant, Garry Black, Chris Harris, Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery for artistic education and inspiration.

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